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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

All parish activities and Masses are currently cancelled until further notice.

If you have a sacramental emergency, you may still contact Fr. Byrnes at the parish office.

There will be no bulletins for the next several weeks. Hopefully we will have one for Easter! Check the Bulletins page for any newer bulletins as they are released.

Parish office hours will be fluctuating the next few weeks. Please call first before coming out.


With the mandatory stay at home orders and all of us attending online church services, our world is in a place where it has never been. But, the hungry people of Affton are still hungry. They are still needing food assistance, more so now than ever before. Kids are home from school and are missing out on school breakfasts and lunches. You may be unable or afraid to bring food donations to church, and that’s okay. You can still support the Affton Christian Food Pantry by sending in checks and mailing them to:

Affton Christian Food Pantry
4960 Heege Road
Affton, MO 63123

Spiritual Communion

Receiving the Blessed Sacrament in the Eucharist is the source and summit of our Catholic faith, but during these unprecedented times and to ensure the health and safety of all people, it is not possible to receive the Sacrament during this time. However, there are still opportunities to draw close to Christ and unite with the Church during these difficult times.

"The Church obliges the faithful "to take part in the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and feast days" and, prepared by the sacrament of Reconciliation, to receive the Eucharist at least once a year, if possible during the Easter season."

— Catechism of the Catholic Church §1389

While we are unable to receive the Blessed Sacrament during the next several weeks, we can take the opportunity to participate in Mass online, reflect on scripture, and engage in further spiritual reading. One excellent way to receive the blessings bestowed upon us is through a Spiritual Communion. Below is a copy of the prayer:

Prayer of Spiritual Communion by St. Francis

Welcome from the Pastor

Fr. Jim ByrnesWelcome to our website. Our Catholic church is named in honor of Saint John Vianney, the Curé (parish priest) of Ars (A town in France). We invite you to visit us personally.

We are a small parish, but a very warm and friendly one. We welcome you with open arms and hope that your time with us, for one visit or a lifetime, will help you grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord, becoming holier and more loving.

This small parish, located in the Saint Louis suburb of Shrewsbury, MO is here to serve you. Please peruse our website. If you have any questions not answered on these pages, please don't hesitate to email us or phone us.

Saint John Vianney, Curé of Ars, pray for us!

In Christ,
Fr. Jim Byrnes

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